Alcoholic Fanfiction by Summary

Walking Wounded by Abi Z
A truce is struck in Los Angeles.
Angel/Kate. Added 3 May, 2010. Rated PG-13.

Should Be a Punchline by Doyle
A vampire, a werewolf and an ex-god walk into a bar...
Spike/Illyria/Nina. Added 2 Feb, 2010. Rated NC-17.

This Year's Vamp by china_shop
Spike and Xander switch bodies
Spike/Xander. Added 12 Nov, 2009. Rated NC-17.

Longest. Day. Ever. by Shadowscast
Spike has to live the same day over and over again.
Spike/Xander. Added 2 Nov, 2009. Rated Mature.

Diamonds by FayJay
In "Five by Five", Lilah picks Faith up in a nightclub. Here's how.
Lilah/Faith. Added 4 Aug, 2009. Rated R.

War Story by Doyle
A slayer and an ex-watcher meet up in a bar.
Buffy/Wesley. Added 4 Aug, 2009. Rated PG-13.

Never Fall in Love with the Good Guys by HonorH
Lorne drinks, reflects, chats up a ghost, and makes a decision post-NFA.
Lorne, Anya. Added 4 Aug, 2009. Rated PG.

A Long, Strange Journey by Chrisleeoctaves
After "The Girl in Question", Angel and Spike go after Buffy.
Spike/Angel/Buffy. Added 3 June, 2009. Rated NC-17.

What She Wants by beatrice_otter
Faith gets what she wants, and she wants Rodney. Stargate Atlantis crossover.
Faith/Rodney McKay. Added 22 May, 2009. Rated PG-13.

Floats Your Boat by Doyle
A strip club. A year before Spike turns Holden. One psych grad student, one ex-lead singer.
Devon/Holden. Added 17 May, 2009. Rated PG-13.

Sweets by Lyrstzha
Two vampires moving on. Yep, right now.
Spike/Angel. Added 10 May, 2009. Rated PG.

Seeing Distant Things As If They Were Close by WesleysGirl
There are different kinds of healing, and different kinds of moving on.
Spike/Xander. Added 4 May, 2009. Rated NC-17.

A Place Called Home by Carlyinrome
The things Angel doesn't understand could fill a fucking book. After "You're Welcome" Spike and Angel go for a drink.
Spike/Angel. Added 4 May, 2009. Rated R.

Demon Drink by Bruttimabuoni
Spike and Xander rob a liquor store.
Spike/Xander. Added 1 April, 2009. Rated R.

Not So Bleak Midwinter by Bruttimabuoni
Giles enjoys a Christmas drink with some unforeseen consequences.
Giles. Added 1 April, 2009. Rated PG.

Dangerously Cheesy by Nomelon
"Riley. C'mon. Cheetos? Nobody gets turned on by Cheetos. It's just not natural."
Xander/Riley. Added 12 Mar, 2009. Rated R.

Starting from Nowhere by Salieri
Xander and Riley hang out.
Xander/Riley. Added 5 Apr, 2008. Rated NC-17.

Two of a Kind by dreamincolor
Cordelia pays a late night visit to Lilah.
Cordelia/Lilah. Added 13 Mar, 2008. Rated R.

A History in Drinks by Rose Williams
A look at Giles in the early years.
Giles. Added 24 Nov, 2007. Rated PG.

World Enough by Ruuger
Illyria at the end of everything.
Illyria, Spike. Added 3 Sept, 2007. Rated PG-13.

On the Rocks by Frimfram
Post "Not Fade Away", Spike finds Angel.
Spike/Angel. Added 2 July, 2007. Rated NC-17.

Sunshine & Southern Comfort by Idyll
Gunn and Fred have a picnic.
Gunn/Fred. Added 2 July, 2007. Rated PG.

The Night is Young and there are Umbrellas in our Drinks by Victoria P
Xander, Oz and Willow with drinks, pop culture, and pwp.
Xander/Oz/Willow. Added 15 May, 2007. Rated NC-17.

Untitled fic in which Maegunnbatt geeks out like a fangirl in a shop full of dark heroes by Maegunnbatt
Spike, Anakin Skywalker, and Draco Malfoy walk into a pub at the end of the cosmos...
Added 11 May, 2007. Rated R.

Divination Using Stones by Mer
It'll be like neither of you were ever here, he'd said.
Angel/Spike/Drusilla. Added 11 May, 2007. Rated R.

Anamnesis by Redbrickrose
"Waiting up for me, then?" "I wasn't waiting for anything," Angel lies.
Spike/Angel. Added 4 May, 2007. Rated PG.

Two Fusiliers by Tabaqui
Angel and Spike, after the end.
Spike/Angel. Added 3 May, 2007. Rated NC-17.

Blame it on the Tequila by Neverneverfic
Connor, Spike, a bar, kissing, tequila.
Spike/Connor. Added 25 Apr, 2007. Rated R.

A Taste of Something Different by Nwhepcat
Giles and Xander share a bottle of wine at Christmas.
Giles/Xander. Added 19 April, 2007. Rated PG-13

Rest at Last by Loneraven
Giles drinks a little too much, and he and Buffy chat. And the Muppets Christmas Carol is on.
Giles, Buffy. Added 13 April, 2007. Rated PG.

Unveiled by Lindamarie
Wesley and Gunn get drunk and go to Vegas. They meet someone they did not expect.
Wes/Gunn/Ethan. Added 6 Nov, 2005. Rated R.

One Time Thing by Killa
"Me and Angel have never been intimate. Well, except for that one time..."
Spike/Angel. Added 19 Oct, 2005. Rated R.

The Old Routine by Spurglie
How quickly they fall back into their old routine. Wesley finds Gunn drinking to forget.
Wesley/Gunn. Added 25 June, 2005. Rated NC-17.

The Dance by the Mad Poetess
A few years in the future, Spike dances nekkid on the roof of the Bronze. Xander notices. Anya approves.
Anya/Spike/Xander. Added 23 June, 2005. Rated PG-13.

Happy Hour by Jane Davitt
Gunn wants to thank Wesley for saving his life but Wes takes charge of the night. Friendship fic.
Wesley, Gunn. Added 23 June, 2005. Rated PG.

A Few Degrees Cooler by WesleysGirl
Andrew enjoys a cool, refreshing Zima, and Spike is there to take advantage of the situation.
Spike/Andrew. Added 22 March, 2005. Rated R.

Into the Black by Jolielaide
Wesley drinks to dull the pain after rescuing Angel. Short, sharp little darkfic.
Wesley/Angel implied. Added 24 Feb, 2005. Rated NC-17.

Christmas Spirit by Roseveare and Mike Dewar
A heartwarming Christmas fable which features, among other things, vampire carol singing, and a clash of the titans between Doyle, Spike, and several bottles of hard liquor.
Doyle, Kate, Spike. Added 10 Sept, 2004. Rated PG-13.

Not That Simple by Flurblewig
Ready to move on, again.
Anya/Spike. Added 27 July, 2004. Rated PG-13.

Sweet Misery by hold_that_thought
Anya wants to be alone. Spike doesn't.
Anya/Spike. Added 26 July, 2004. Rated PG-13.

Something Old, Something New by Rubywisp
Spike takes stops off at a bar in Albuquerque on his way back from getting a soul. Crossover with Highlander: The Series.
Spike/Methos. Added 18 July, 2004. Rated R.

FDR by Rubywisp
The boys go dancing. Plans go awry.
Spike/Xander. Added 18 July, 2004. Rated NC-17.

Concurrence by Rubywisp
A vampire walks into a bar. A werewolf's already there.
Spike/Oz. Added 18 July, 2004. Rated NC-17.

Marked by Rubywisp
They're in a nightclub. There's a tattoo. There's licking. That's about all you need to know.
Angel/Xander. Added 18 July, 2004. Rated NC-17.

Negation by Rubywisp
According to Xander, nothing happened.
Angel/Xander. Added 18 July, 2004. Rated R.

Final Score by Jane Davitt
A conversation in a pub has Spike's thoughts going back to his first year as a vampire - and that has him knocking on Angel's door.
Spike/Angel(us). Added 14 July, 2004. Rated R.

The Substitute Teacher by Roseveare
Doyle goes to Sunnydale in an AU BtVS s3, and poses as a teacher at Sunnydale High. Things go a little awry, and he has the occasional sup to see him through.
Doyle/Cordelia. Added 29 May, 2004. Rated PG-13.

Meet Virginia by Jennifer Oksana
So a couple of dead folks have drinks at a bar...
Angel, Lilah. Added 27 May, 2004. Rated PG-13.

Nicolette Says Jump by Kalima
Spike has a yen for a big girl. Xander eats too many brownies.
Spike/Xander/OC. Added 17th Feb, 2004. Rated NC-17.

Home by LadyCat
Words don't always say the right thing. Fortunately, Spike's good at reading between the lines, even with a hangover.
Spike/Xander. Added 20th Jan, 2004. Rated NC-17.

Drunk and Disorderly by Jane Davitt
Set during 'A New Man'. Spike can't believe it, but he's rescuing Giles. Or trying to.
Giles/Ethan, Spike. Added 12 Jan, 2004. Rated PG-13.

Porch by Estepheia
A Spike and Xander moment... with beer.
Xander/Spike. Added 22 Sept, 2003. Rated PG.

Into the Jungle by James Walkswithwind and Mad Poetess
Set during "Into the Woods", Riley and Spike polish off a few more cheap bottles, and a long kept secret is revealed.
Riley, Spike. Added 12 Aug, 2003. Rated PG-15.

Drunken Buckle by Dead Soul
After Buffy's death, Xander has been drinking a lot to dull the pain, just looking for a little comfort.
Xander/Spike. Added 26 July, 2003. Rated PG-13.

Juarez by Rabbit
"I've known Angel since Juarez in the twenties. We had a little disagreement over a senorita. I called him out. We fought for three and a half hours."
Angel/Boone. Added 15 July, 2003. Rated R.

Back in Your Bed by Jennifer Oksana
Two hot vampires meet at a bar and do it on the hood of a car. Like a joke, except not.
Spike/Angelus. Added 21 June, 2003. Rated NC-17.

Far Down Within the Dim West by Shaye
A dystopic future, in which some know what they want, and none want what they have. A dark and miserable world, with a little drug use and heavy drinking to help see them through.
Tara/Spike, Tara/Anya. Added 8th June, 2003. Rated R.

Joined at the Hip by Spurglie
Spike and Xander are handcuffed together for three days during season seven.
Xander/Spike. Added 20th May, 2003. Rated NC-17.

Safe as Houses by Starlet2367
A lonely night and a little drunken flirtation lead Cordy into something darker and hotter than she ever imagined.
Cordelia/Angel. Added 6 Apr, 2003. Rated NC-17.

The Cruelest Month by Starlet2367
The story of four detectives, two snitches, one candy dispenser, early morning drinks in Caritas, and an April Fool's day that Cordelia would rather forget.
Cordelia, Angel. Added 5th April, 2003. Rated R.

One Lucky Guy by HonorH
An expanded version of Riley and Spike's talk in "Into the Woods." Spike lets Riley in on a few things re: love, hate, vampires in general, and Angel in particular. Plus they finish off that bottle of whiskey.
Spike, Riley. Added 5th Feb, 2003. Rated PG.

Two Beer Queer by Firehorse
Xander drinks, and thinks. About Spike.
Xander/Spike. Added 5 Jan, 2003. Rated NC-17.

UST by Pet
Angel and Lindsey bicker. Then, well, yeah. With whiskey.
Angel/Lindsey. Added 29 Dec, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Jacob's Trouble by Lanie
A few years after the beginning of the end (the world, life, whatever) Willow and Spike meet up. There's drinking, seething hatred, depressing sex and an end.
Spike/Willow. Added 21st Dec, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Tucker's Brother by Jessica Walker
An ex-geek ex-supervillain and a geeky not-quite-supervillian have one too many. Misery loves company.
Spike/Andrew. Added 13th Nov, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Ermentrude's Whiskey by Zahra
According to Wesley's grandmother, there's nothing that whiskey can't fix.
Wesley. Added 4th Nov, 2002. Rated PG-13.

Whoever by Kay Tee
"I don't think Oz appreciated being called 'my little Bam-bam' all night." What happened when Cordy, Oz and Doyle go out drinking after 'In the Dark'.
Oz/Doyle. Added 2 Nov, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Popping the Bubble by Kassie
Angel arrives at Cordelia's apartment bearing gifts of wine and Cordelia discovers she isn't quite so insistent about her personal bubble all the time.
Angel/Cordelia. Added 11 Oct, 2002. Rated PG-13.

Boy's Night Out by Rubywisp
A bar. Some beer. The boys. The result? Some really hot PWP.
Xander/Lindsey. Added 9th Oct, 2002. Rated NC-17.

To See a Friend in Tears by Lovesbitca
London, Summer 2002. Spike and Willow cry into each other's beer. Bittersweet with lashings of tequila and a pair of tired bare feet.
Willow/Spike. Added 9th Oct, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Bit Parts Series by Mint Witch
Spike's date from "Hells Bells" tells her story in full living colour. Where did Spike find his date? What is her story? Does she like to drink her Glennfiddich neat, and can she hold her liquor?
Spike/Ho-Biscuit. Added 29th Sep, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Dating for Dummies by Misty Flores
A lonely bartender gets an earful when three women enter, fully intent on getting drunk.
Cordelia/Angel, Wesley/Faith, Fred/Gunn. Added 29 Sep, 2002. Rated R.

A Couple of Ex-Demons Just Sitting Around Talking by Kalima
Pre "Hells Bells", Spike runs into Anya drowning her sorrows and they sit around and talk. In a bar. Then with pie.
Spike, Anya. Added 28th Sep, 2002. Rated PG-13.

Bar Theory by Kawcrow
Xander and Spike get plastered together.
Xander, Spike. Added 4th Sep, 2002. Rated PG.

Alcohol Good, Games Bad by Victoria H
The Scoobies and Spike play pictionary, which leads them into a game of I Never. Many shots are downed; many secrets are revealed. Giggles abound.
Spike/Buffy, sorta. Added 18th Aug, 2002. Rated PG-13.

Pub Crawl by Victoria H
Ethan is looking for a pub in London. The pub.
Ethan/Giles. Added 18th Aug, 2002. Rated R.

We're Not Gay. We're Just Friends. Who have sex by Julia the Younger
Spike and Xander hang out, watch soccer, drink beer, and discover they have a couple of things in common.
Spike/Xander. Added 16th Aug, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Running Gags and Collector's Cups by Random
Xander and the gang attend the party to end all parties.
Xander/Cordelia. Added 23 June, 2002. Rated PG.

His 'n' Hers 'n' Hers by Lovesbitca
Tara has never known the touch of a man. So why the hell did she and Willow think that Spike would make a good candidate?
Spike/Tara/Willow. Added 1 June, 2002. Rated R to NC-17.

But We're Not by Dusk
Angel is drunk and depressed at Caritas. The Host tries to help. But they never sleep together. Almost never.
Angel/Lorne. Added 26 May, 2002. Rated PG-13.

Cats and Dogs by Vatrixsta Cruden
Beautifully written piece of Angel-think. He's been drinking and mulling over his past and his future.
Angel/Buffy. Added 24 Apr, 2002. Rated R.

Tooth and Claw by FayJay
Spike goes to drown his sorrows and ends up having his future read.
Spike, Lorne. Added 24 April, 2002. Rated PG-13.

Shaken, Not Stirred by FayJay
Wesley goes for a drink in Caritas, and bumps into someone unpleasant. Karaoke and cocktails.
Wesley, Lorne, Lilah. Added 24 Apr, 2002. Rated PG-13.

Why I should never have left England, by Rupert Giles by the Mad Poetess and James Walkswithwind
Wesley, Giles and Xander get drunk on Batham's Bitter and talk about orgies and spanking. As you do.
Giles, Wesley, Xander, Spike. Added 24 Apr, 2002. Rated strong R.

Through the Dark by Faithtastic
Faith has a drunken one night stand. Nuff said... or is it?
Faith/? Added 19th April, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Palimpsest by Kassie and Lar
Xander attempts an intervention, of sorts, after a friendship grows. With beer and salty snacks.
Xander/Riley. Added 3rd April, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Rainmakers by Lar
After Riley and Lindsey have left their respective homes in Sunnydale and L.A., they meet each other as they each try to start over. Two good old boys sink a couple of beers and get in a bar brawl.
Lindsey/Riley. Added 3rd April, 2002. Rated NC-17.

The Wells of Silence by JR
Set after Ats episode 'Hero'. Angel struggles to come to terms with a devastating loss and downs a bottle of Scotch.
Angel, Cordelia. Added 6th Mar, 2002. Rated PG.

Skelping by The Mad Poetess
So what's a guy supposed to do when he gets a nice dramatic exit, then suddenly finds out he's not as dead as he thought he was? Watch late-night movies, learn how to drink beer without touching it, and fall in love, of course.
Doyle/Wesley, Cordelia/Dennis. Added 20 Feb, 2002. Rated NC-17.

The Taste of Bitter by Abi Z
Wesley is having a couple of drinks in your standard, run of the mill, demon gay bar when someone comes looking for him.
Wesley/Gunn. Added 19th Jan, 2002. Rated PG-13.

Days of Our Unlives (How it all began) by Kita and Jess
Sex. Violence. Strip twister.
Angel/Spike. Added 17th Jan, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Beer... Questionable by the Mad Poetess
Set during the "Beer... Bad" episode where the Slayer goes Stone-Age from drinking cursed beer. What might have happened if a bored, depressed Xander had sampled some of his own wares?
Xander/Spike. Added 15th Jan, 2002. Rated NC-17.

The Bar by Spirit
Lindsey and Kate meet in a bar and hit it off.
Lindsey/Kate. Added 10th Jan, 2002. Rated NC-17.

Broken by Tinkerbell
Spike pisses Angel off.
Angel/Spike. Added 6th Jan, 2002. Rated NC-17

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