Blame it on the Tequila

Author: Neverneverfic

Spoilers: Slight spoilers for the end of Angel.

Rating: R

Pairing: Spike/Connor

Disclaimer: All belongs to Joss.

Summary: Connor, Spike, a bar, kissing, tequila.

Author's notes: Hah! I actually wrote something based on a prompt. You should all feel free to give me other prompts now that you know that I'm capable of following through. Anyway this is approximately 600 words of Connor/Spike for germaine_pet. She wanted Connor, Spike, a bar, kissing, tequila. This is a much more cheerful post-nfa world than I generally imagine. This isn't porny but there are sexual references so maybe don't read it at work or in front of impressionable youngsters (or if you are an impressionable youngster).


The first time was on the Tequila soaked night after the fall of LA and Connor chalked it up to the adrenaline rush of having survived. It was definitely just adrenaline. After all he liked women. He liked living people. He was not in any way interested in ridiculously attractive male vampires.

But it kept happening.

Connor took some time off from school-- and by extension from his girlfriend Kate -- to help with the rebuild of the city. He stayed in the house the AI team had fixed upon the edge of the wreckage. Technically he and the team weren't doing rebuild work. That work all took place during the day with large teams of well intentioned but incredibly un-informed do-gooders. Connor made sure to occasionally get photographed with teams ofvolunteers so that he could document his trip to his parents, but he didn't do much with the daytime crews.

What was left of the AI team worked at night and they weren't so much rebuilding as discouraging the vampire and demon population from rebuilding. They all took one night a week off to preserve their sanity (and because Gunn pointed out that they saved the damn world and should take some time to enjoy it). They usually went to a bar in Pasadena, the closest bar that hadn't been destroyed by the fighting.

Connor generally found himself doing shots with Spike and Illyria even though it totally made him feel like a pussy since both of them could drink him under the table. By his fourth shot everything was always pleasantly fuzzy and he'd stop drinking and just sit back and watch the team interact.

More accurately, he'd sit back and try not to be obvious about the fact that he was watching Spike. After six or so shots Spike generally commandeered the bottle for himself -- which did not please Illyria-- and Connor couldn't help but fixate on the way Spike's lips looked wrapped around the long neck of the bottle.

Connor found that he couldn't help but yank Spike into a dark corner -- out of sight of Angel-- and kiss him until their lips were swollen and Connor was panting for breath.

On those nights, the nights after the drinking and the kissing Connor went to bed in Spike's room rather than his own. Angel always glared at Spike for the entire next day but Spike didn't seem to care so Connor didn't either.

Eventually Connor had to own up to the fact that the desire to fuck Spike wasn't so much dependent on tequila and was much more dependent on Spike's ridiculous hotness, and his ability to make Connor come harder than he'd imagined was possible.

After a few months of denial and fairly lame sexuality angst, Connor took up permanent residence in Spike's room and Angel's scowl took up permanent residence on his face.

One night Connor heard them fighting.

"It's not like you've never fucked a teenager old man, or have you forgotten about Buffy?"

"That was different! I loved her! I wasn't just sleeping with her because I was bored and she was convenient."

"Has it ever occurred to you that there are reasons I'm sleeping with your boy beyond his tight ass and willingness to give it up?"

"It occurred to me that you're trying, yet again, to take away something that's mine."

"Oh get over it you sanctimonious prick. This isn't about him being yours. This is about him being him. He's not just your kid and he's not just a fuck."

Later, when Connor was sprawled over Spike, sweaty and relaxed from orgasm he grinned against Spike's neck.

"So I heard a rumor that we aren't just fucking around."

Spike smiled. "Yeah, but don't tell anyone else, it would completely ruin my bad ass vamp cred."

Connor kissed Spike's neck and closed his eyes. "Don't worry, your secret's safe with me."


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